Flexterra HP-FGM High Performance Erosion Control and Revegetation for Steep Slopes and Critical Sites.


Tackifiers play an important role erosion control, they are natural, environmentally friendly products that aid with the mulch slurry adhering to slopes which in turn keeps the seed in place and allows for a strong bond that enables the growth to establish consistently.  In addition to the adherence it also acts like a lubricant for your Hydroseeder pump, which leads to easy spraying and less wear and tear on your equipment.

Tackifiers are added directly to the Hydroseeder tank, and mix easily with the mulch slurry.

Some Tackifiers can be used for dust control solutions for sand piles, coal piles, haul roads, fugitive dust, construction sites, etc. Please call to discuss your needs, as products and loading ratios are site specific.

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