TRMs are designed to provide pre-vegetative erosion control, as well as reinforcement once vegetation has established.


Just like there are many options for erosion controls there is a need for a variety of Staples to meet the specfied requirement and EnviorSales does offer a wide selection of staples to enable you to better hold your products in place.

Staples with different composition, shape, sizes, and the implements to easily install them are all available.

Loose 6”

Standard industry staples are ‘U’ shaped 6 inch staples. These Staples are cost effective and will hold your Sod, Rolled Erosion Control Product, and straw netting in place!

Round top pin 5” bio pins

  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • Can be installed from a standing position when using the Profile Round Top Driver™.
  • Has a pull-out strength equal to that of an 8″ x 8 gauge staple.
  • Has a 13 /8″ round head that holds more netting strands than a staple.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Allows for easy visual inspection by engineers.
  • Prevents mower damage.
  • Safe for environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Has up to five times greater surface holding area than a traditional 6″ x 11 gauge staple.
  • Will drive through hard soils and clay.
  • Will last up to one year.
  • 5″ 500/carton 9 lbs.
  • Dark green in color


Click here to download the Round Top 5″ Brochure.

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