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T60 Hydroseeder

FINN T60 Hydroseeder

• 600 Gallon Tank

• Discharge Distance Up To 90 Feet

• Coverage Up To 7,200 Sq Feet Per Load

T60 HydroSeeder® – 600 Gallon Working Capacity Tank

The FINN T60 hydroseeder is a 600 gallon HydroSeeder for the landscaper or contractor that requires a fast and economical solution for seeding jobs. With coverage up to 7200 square feet per load you don’t have to settle for less than proven and reliable FINN quality to tackle a wide range of demanding hydroseeding applications.


  • Top designed 600 gallon capacity steel tank that covers up to 7200 square feet per load with seed, fertilizer and mulch in one simple step.
  • Clean, operator friendly design with a low machine profile allowing for easy material loading and excellent stability.
  • Optimum mixing capabilities featuring hydraulically controlled paddle agitation and liquid recirculation with convenient operator controls at both the front and rear of the unit.
  • Large toolbox in the hitch perfect for storing hose and nozzles.
  • FINN designed centrifugal pump driven by an in-line common shaft clutch with no high-cost maintenance couplings, drive belts or hydraulic components.
  • Pump configuration dramatically increases output and operating pressure.
  • Discharge distance up to 90 feet from end of the tower.


The T60 HydroSeeder is perfect for the small to mid-size hydroseeding projects on residential and commercial properties, sports fields, apartment and condominium complexes, golf courses, parks and more.

With the versatile T60 you can do professional quality hydroseeding, fiber mulching, fertilizing, straw tacking, foliar feeding, dust control, remote watering and a number of applications efficiently and cost effectively. The T60 HydroSeeder readily doubles as a first response firefighter, portable wash-down rig or mini water carrier. It also has the power to mix and apply a wide variety of liquid, powdered and solid consumables for landscape, soil building, erosion control, cleaning, and industrial uses.

As the world leader for over 80 years in the design and manufacture of innovative, quality equipment for the green industry, FINN is committed to your complete satisfaction.

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