FINN Photo Contest



of Calgary, AB

on winning 1st place.

Giving NEW meaning WTF?

2018 FINN Photo Contest Enter today at:

Send us an action photo of your FINN to Win!
Where’s The Finn?

We want to know! So send us your FINN rig in action. Everyone who submits a photo gets a free gift, plus a chance to win.

The photo just has to include you and your FINN – on the job.

In order to be considered, the equipment must be shown
as being used in a safe and operationally correct manner and should be a “clean” shot, meaning that the background won’t have unnecessary people or equipment in it.

All photos should be submitted in high resolution format (300 dpi).


We’ll make heading to the job site with a FINN even cooler than before with a chance to win one of these great Yeti products!

1st prize Tundra 75 Cooler $449 Value!
2nd prize Tundra 35 Cooler $299 Value!
3rd prize Roadie 20 Cooler $199 Value!
4th prize Rambler ½ Gallon Jug $99 Value!

Plus, get a FREE FINN Koozie® & Beer Blizzard® just for entering!
We’ll help keep your beverage cool with a WTF? koozie and a Beer Blizzard disc that connects
to the bottom of just about any can to help keep it cold.

To get your free gift, upload a photo and submit your entry at
Entries must be received by August 15, 2018. See website for complete rules and regulations.