Hydroseeders T30

T30 HydroSeeder® – 335 Gallon Working Capacity Tank

Is the ideal entry-level machine loaded with features that come standard with every unit. You can easily manage professional quality seeding, fiber mulching, and much more – all with FINN efficiency and cost effectiveness.


    • Durable, 335 gallon capacity steel tank
    • Standard electric hose reel with 100 ft. rubber hose
    • Hydraulically-driven and reversible mechanical agitator, ordinarily found only on larger machines for fast and thorough mixing
    • Rugged, reliable mechanics for long life and easy maintenance
    • Simple control for a one-man operation that is both economical and profitable
    • FINN designed centrifugal pump that handles the thickest of slurries with ease
    • 70′ spray distance from end of hose
    • FINN’s top-notch design, engineering and quality construction


The T30 is ideal for entry-level and smaller hydroseeding projects. Versatile, economical FINN Hydroseeder loaded with big machine features. Perfect for Residential areas, Golf Courses, Sports Fields, Parks or Cemeteries.

The T30 readily doubles as a first response firefighter, portable wash-down rig, or mini water carrier. It also mixes and applies a wide variety of liquid, powdered or solid additives for landscape, soil building, erosion control, cleaning, and industrial uses.

FINN has been designing and manufacturing Hydroseeders® since 1953.