At EnviroSales, we aim to provide our customers with the materials, equipment, and knowledge needed to successfully complete your Erosion control and Land Reclamation work. In any industry, there are many factors which contribute to the success of a business. Some of the key areas EnviroSales specializes in includes:

  • Knowledge – Being the newest FINN dealer, our ownership has over 40 years of experience in the Hydroseeding and Erosion Control sector both in product and application.
  • Equipment – FINN equipment is tested and true with over 80 years of experience.
  • Material – We offer top rated products as quality products encourages successful projects.

EnviroSales is FINN’s newest dealership. The FINN Corporation was established in 1935 and went on to help pioneer the landscape and Erosion Control industries with many innovative, labor-saving products. FINN was the first company to produce a Straw Blowers as well as HydroSeeders. This innovative spirit is evident throughout the present day product line. FINN’s continuing goal is to provide its customers with only the finest equipment while backing it up with the industry’s most comprehensive customer support and after-sales service.

Along with FINN’s new equipment, EnviroSales is able to source used equipment to meet your needs and budgetary restraints. Our used equipment is not only the FINN line but other equipment lines and offerings that service the Erosion Control, Hydroseeding and Landscaping market. If you have a need we may have an equipment solution for you.

EnviroSales also offers a line of rental equipment that include, seeders, hydroseeders, bark blowers, big roll Sod installers, and various skid steer attachments.

Our territory covers Western Canada from Manitoba to British Columbia, as well as from the US border to Northern Canada. We offer competitive pricing with shipping and delivery options available to the remotest locations in our territory.